Sunday, 5 July 2009

What is Faithfulness?

Sometimes we christians go through life asking ourselves the same question time and time again but the fact is, are we faithful. What is it to be faithful? Is it the same as Faith?


  1. My opinion to this discussion faith is belief and faithfulness is adundance therin.

  2. No faithfulness and faith are not the same. the giver is the same the Holy Spirit however, faithful is a fruit of the spirit which is a persons character. Faith is a gift which means it enables you to operate in your gifting or calling which largely affects others. And that is a very simplistic answer.

  3. Yes, they're same-faith is the noun while faithfulness is the adjective qualifing it. But what ppl bother about is being consistent in the belief of God ie being faithful. Its a gift from God enabling us to trust the unseen God beyond reason.